Monday, February 27, 2012

The Blessing and Curse of Consciousness

Damn it to Hell. Our precious little 10 year old Bichon Frise, Pippi, shown above when she was a pup, is fixin' to slip this mortal coil, having received the diagnosis of terminal
cancer a month ago. Pip has been such a fantastic dog, super smart, playful, (even now), a real gift of a pet and a shining light in our family structure. Every night, when Blaine gets home from work, she runs to him like a long lost friend, and licks the ever lovin' snot off him, after having launched herself onto his lap from a suitable chair. We are going to miss her terribly when we finally have to put her to sleep. Shit.

Pip has been an inspiration to me in my creative life, as I've watched her from puppydom through her transition into an adult. I am her master. She always comes to me
first, relies on me as her primary human, or as they say in Bichon circles, her "hudad" and spends a lot of time on my lap, squeezed next to my computer, receiving what I
call her snuggily buggilies, there I go again being a doting baby talkin' ridiculous dog owner. 

Pip inspired my tune "The Bichon Song", yet another nichey Seaberg novelty, but which appears as my second most purchased song on iTunes, owing to the legions of awesome Bichon owners who love their "little white pets" as much as we do. And now, I present to you, in collaboration with my sick and perfect Pipster, a new rockin' little ditty titled "The Blessing and Curse of Consciousness", please listen with earbuds or headphones. 

Dogs. They are just the most fantastic creatures. Man, and woman's best friend. No offense to you lovely cat lovers. What a delightful and wonderful bond we have formed with Pippi Longstocking Deatherage Seaberg. I dedicate this song to her. 

C'mon Pip let's get you a treat.

Click here to listen to The "Blessing and Curse of Consciousness"

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