Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Don't Tell Jen

Just lookit that swell young gal up there, training her chocolate Lab puppy at the park, what a sweetie. Being a dog lover myself, I can imagine what a great time she is having training that dog. When you get a dog, he or she becomes part of the family structure. We have a couple little Bichons at our house, as I have gone on about here before, so I know how she feels. She loves that dog!!

But dogs can be a handful, ours sure are, and it is a huge commitment, to care for a dog, walk them and feed them, talk to them, pet them, train them, and make them part of the family. On several occasions, our dogs have slipped out the gate and ackkkk!, I freak. Luckily we have always found them nearby, rooting around in the neighbor's yard, or standing on our front porch saying, "let me in you dopes, sheesh, the gate was wide open!"

I had a neighbor once who I think feared for his very life when he once allowed the family dog to escape while his dear wife was at work. There he stood, on our front porch, asking if we had seen his family dog, the poor sap, looking like a scared child, because he was envisioning, I'm sure, having to tell his wife, like that nice and loving woman above, that the dog had escaped and run away on his watch. Seemed like a great topic for a tune. As always, Tim Ellis, Portland's own guitar beast, provides guitar parts.

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