Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Don't Tell Jen

Just lookit that swell young gal up there, training her chocolate Lab puppy at the park, what a sweetie. Being a dog lover myself, I can imagine what a great time she is having training that dog. When you get a dog, he or she becomes part of the family structure. We have a couple little Bichons at our house, as I have gone on about here before, so I know how she feels. She loves that dog!!

Had a neighbor show up on my front porch one time, all stressed, cuz he was in charge of his wife's beloved golden retriever, and somehow the dog had escaped the yard while his wife was at work. I had to tell him I hadn't seen the dog, but I would keep my eye out. Then he says, ok, and "don't tell Jen." Later, a song came through. here's "Don't Tell Jen":

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