Sunday, March 05, 2006

Mr. What the Balls

Managing my website, where I present lots of music and photos, and other stuff, for the last couple of years, has been a lot of fun. First of all, I tend to be an organized person, probably to a fault, which I learned as a result of being in the bakery business, since, if you are not organized in the bakery, you are screwed. So being able to have a lot of songs, links, press, all organized and neat, it’s right up my alley. I use a template offered by HostBaby, an affiliate of web guru Derek Siver’s CDBaby.

When I go ‘round back, to my website statistics administration pages, I can find out all kinds of stuff. Like how many hits my website got yesterday. Or how many times one of my songs was played. Like how many hits I got from Seychelles, or Guam. Or what site a viewer was on, just before they came to my website. As in, who is linked to me. I am not surprised when I see, right up at the top of the list, Google, which is where a person might come from who either typed my name into the search engine, or perhaps stumbled onto a photo from my website on the images section of Google, for some reason or another. And when I see that someone has come from my friend and famous web guy Loup Dargent’s site, I am not surprised, since Loup has reprinted many of my tomes and song links, God bless’m. My HostBaby admin lists maybe 40 “entry” sites like this.

But I was shocked, nay, confused and squish-faced, a couple of weeks ago, when I saw, way up at the top, many hits coming from a “MySpace” site, which I had never seen or heard of before. The site is hyperlinked in my admin, so I clicked on it to see what the heck was going on, and wow. Apparently, this dude, whose fortunate self-made site moniker is “What The Balls”, had given me an entire blog entry on his site! Which I, of course, immediately read.

Mr. What The Balls blog entry, (easily navigate to 2-7-2006 in the archives menu left of the page: you will have to sign on to MySpace) as you will see, if you go there, is, shall we say, somewhat critical of ‘Ol Ricky, and shows photos lifted from my website, along with Mr. What the Ball’s scathing critique. But somehow, when I read it, I couldn’t quit laughing. I sent the link to Marie, and she absolutely loved it.

Mr. What The Balls is a bit stingy with information about himself. There is a photo there, and it is easy to tell that Mr. What The Balls is a young man. But the truth is, he is a young man with a terrific wit, and writing talent to boot. Marie has posted to his site (easily navigate to 2-26-2006 in the archives menu left on the page) several times, much to Mr. What the Balls surprise, I think, but we know talent when we see it. So here’s to Mr. What the Balls, you handsome big hair sucka, thanks for the link, now go fuck yourself.

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Raine Devries said...

You banner ad is amusing -- Billy Idol -- ha!