Saturday, March 26, 2016

A Tour of My Old Man Armchair

Marie suddenly burst forth into sarcastic laughter last eve as we communed by the TV, dog curled up, "Wives with Knives" or some such mindless fluff on the tube, she lying on the couch, and me all cozy and comfy with my lap quilt, sitting in my completely awesome Old Man Armchair. "Whut" says I, already vibin' that she is gonna reflect on my chair situation. "Your chair", she giggles out loud, it's a damn Old Man Chair. "That is correct", says I, all confident and comfortable and assertive, within arm's reach of the remotes, a piping hot cup of Puerh tea, pens, sharpies, fresh pencils with good erasers, my back scratcher, glucose test kit, computer, wireless headphones, a selection of baseball caps, mail and other clerical, Tums, glasses supplies, Kleenex, my cane, my purse, basically an organized sexagenarian's armada of hard candy and teeth picky things and electronic stuff, oh yeah I forgot the Bose bluetooth tune box, all ready for me to connect my iPhone and rock out to the Weepies "Hideaway". And a power strip with 2 USB ports. "You betcha Orabelle", I goes, "everything an old fart could possibly need right here by my side, quit lookin' at me". So to appease my pluperfect partner's chastisement and feminine sensibility, today I removed 5 cup hooks from the compound, which I had screwed into the door, for I had admittedly, at some point, maybe gotten a teensy bit carried away with the cup hooks. Here are some more photos. I mean of my Old Man Armchair and environs.

Is this not awesome? The chair is an official "Relax the Back" zero gravity armchair. There is a knob below the left arm that engages the electric motor which raises the front of the chair and takes me back to zero gravity nirvana.
My Old Man Armchair cabinet is a sheet music cabinet handed down to me from my step-grandfather John Edward Martin, he was a great guy, and a singer. So he had a ton of sheet music, (I still have most of the old sheet music), which at one time adorned the little flat drawers in the cabinet.
Of course, in one's Old Man Armchair cabinet, you store important stuff right next to you so you can grab it anytime, and fulfill your life long destiny of championing the concept of motion economy 
I added these little divider trays a couple years ago to keep it neat
Salt duh
Cabinet side, oh yeah there are my old ratty Bose earbuds by the hanging back scratcher. But they're still workin' fine.
I use the bottom spot for paper recycle

Go Ducks!!

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I simply love houses with all kinds of stuff in them to the point that sometimes at night I'll drive slower past a house with lights on just to get a glance at their "stuff." Yours looks to be perfectly delightfully blessed with much interesting stuff. Makes for interesting people.

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