Monday, November 02, 2015

Ric Seaberg's Stovetop Potpourri!

I am certain that the zip codes of America and elsewhere are lined with kitchen addicts like myself who have discovered and rustled up some stovetop potpourri in their homes for eons. But I thought I would post my own little version, which I enjoy making very much, and then, go about my day at home with wonderful smellage wafting though our crib, whilst I catch a soccer game on TV or maybe prep a whole chicken or other groovy grub for the oven. 

I start with a large saucepan, and fill it to about 2” from the top with water. Then I cut oranges and apples, (for me it is usually the aging ones I will probably deem inedible), and put them in the pot with the water. Then I add any combination of the following list of ingredients, bring to a boil, and then simmer. Maybe all day. Or maybe just because the kids or grandkids or guests are coming and I want the house to smell great and homey. If I have thrown a roast into the oven at the same time or am baking, the smells all mingle together to form homey happiness! Also, how this stuff looks on the stove is important too. Festive! Try it!

Ric Seaberg’s Stovetop Potpourri ingredients:

If you not have all of these ingredients, use what you do have! With the spices, you don't need a ton. Use sparingly until you get a feel for how much to use.

Apples (of course leave all skins on, make it easy on yourself, and colorful!
Other random citrus like cumquats 
Whole cloves
Cinnamon in some form. Cinnamon sticks, cracked cinnamon, even ground. (I’m still rockin’ a giant box of cinnamon from baked days haha sold my bakery 20 years ago)
Cracked Cardamom
Star Anise (I find this one to be especially nice, break it up with your hands before putting in pot. I usually use 3 stars)
Pure vanilla extract (maybe half an ounce)
Almond extract (Also half an ounce)

Thank you! Enjoy!


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