Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Lost Morning Reign Tapes: "Feelin’ All The Things"

Cac, Larry, Steven, of The Morning Reign, 1969

Erg. My achin’ back. Working part time as I do, as a handyman, at 64, can tend to get a guy into trouble. OK Checklist: Hang miniblinds, Check. Modify strike plates on doors so they close properly. Check. Add trim around kitchen door. Check. Climb into 2’ high attic space and crawl to other side of house to see why vent is leaking. Uh, could we get a younger handyman for that one madame?

Going through these old tunes from Morning Reign days has been really fun, and even enlightening. For me, hearing the lyrics I was writing at that time can be, of course, stunningly embarrassing, but also, I kinda like that boy there with the pen and the napkin, risking ridicule, scribbling down something about losing a friend in Viet Nam, or professing his love for his child, or imagining what it will be like to be old..........huh?!....imagining what it will be like to be old? 

I guess one is never too young to start thinking about aging, but when one is young, it’s probably not a topic one dwells on, as one skips down several flights of stairs or drinks a pint of whisky. But apparently, it caught in my craw long enough for me to lay down some words on the subject, at 21, and dammit t’hell, I pretty much got it right. And then, just because they are nominated by me for sainthood, and because I am an annoying force, my Morning Reign compatriots actually learned the song, and we ended up recording the thing at Gary Nieland’s studio in Salem Oregon, in late 1969. S’cuse me a moment. I gotta go take some Aleve.

To hear "Feelin' All The Things", click here

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