Thursday, November 22, 2012

She's an Angel on Paper

I don’t even know where to begin to describe how much I love my family. First, there's my wife Marie, the light of my life, my sweetheart, my best friend, and man, this gal knows how to make a guy laugh. Marie’s knowledge of and use of the English language never ceases to tickle me. Marie is monster smart. But you probably knew that. 

My step-son Blaine lives with us. No surprise that Blaine is the brightest of bulbs, and given his disability, and how he deals with it, he's basically my hero. Plus he can talk sports way over my head, so I am required to remain humble when I start pontificatin’ about any sports thing I think I know something about. Blaine and I spend quite a bit of time together. We’re buddies.

My eldest daughter Stacey, who lives in Washington, has a great husband named Tim and 4 of the most amazing children ever. It has been such an honor to watch Stacey raise these great kids, Joseph, Colin, Owen, (or has it been permanently changed to “O-Dog”), and Caitlyn. Where’s the Kleenex?

My youngest daughter Amy also lives in Washington, with her husband Gary, and has two kids, Caledonia and Ellery. They’re great parents too.

Ok so maybe I never achieved rock stardom. Or have a luxury yacht sitting on the Columbia. But I do have one awesome family, and on this Thanksgiving Day, 2013, I am so very thankful. 

And not to speak for Marie, but I know she’s thankful too, for Blaine and I, and for my daughters, and for these 6 wonderful grandchildren that I brought along with me as part of my dowry! Just this past week, we have been having regular texting with our 10 year old precious Caledonia, who has a funny streak of her own! You cannot imagine how much it pleases me to know that Marie and Calla are carrying on an animated texting session. Especially when Marie blergs out a huge laugh and keeps going till she has to wipe her eyes.

And speaking of Calla, the drawing of an angel you see above is from her hand, and was given to Marie last summer at grandson Joseph’s high school graduation party which we attended at Gramma Donna’s house. After we came home, that angel on paper sat in our foyer for a few days before It struck me that there was a song in my heart, inspired by that drawing. Thanks Calla!!

To hear "An Angel on Paper" click here

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