Friday, September 28, 2012

Practice Practice Practice

The Reign from left, Gene (Geno) Heliker, Bob Baker, Howard Holland, Me (sitting), Doug (Shad) heatherington, Craig (Cac) Chastain

Ok So We of The Reign have held two practice sessions since deciding to throw our fate to the wind and play this October 20 gig and the results are in. We still fucking rock. Sure, we might be 40 pounds heavier and wear bifocals to see the chord charts on the music stands before us, which most of us sit at in a comfortable chair, wearing sensible shoes. But the heart of a rocker still beats strong in each of us.

The highlight of our second session, which was held last evening, was that one of our former drummers,  Howard Holland, who will likely not perform at the gig, was kind enough to drive up to Portland from Salem to help us out, give us a solid back beat while we rehearse. Howard is one awesome cat. Howard, (pictured above), was with us during the time we recorded at Capitol Records, and is just an excellent rock drummer. Heavy handed as hell, like Keith Moon. And just about as wild as Keith Moon too. Howard has made his mark with a popular and interesting Auto Body business, Howard's Backyard Auto Body and Videos.

Sitting there with these dudes, working out the tunes, the dynamic is just exactly what it used to be. Musically, we take a lot of direction from Geno, cuz he is our brilliant and handsome musical guru. Then we just do the tunes, over and over, till it starts to sound like something. Looking over at each of my buddy's familiar faces, as I sing and bang on my cowbell, though many years older and all wrinkled up and shit, is completely awesome. Talk about de jevu all over again!

We have been enjoying picking tunes to rehearse that we might actually be able to shape into a listenable experience for our future audience. Cac provided the following list which was the repertoire from our last gig together at John John's in Seattle, 1970. Some of them are in code, but you get the idea.

Workin on a Groovy Thing
Here’s A Ride
Have Mercy Baby
Fly Away
Born on the Bayou
He Ain’t Heavy
Evil Ways
Wilson Picket medley
You Got Me Hummin’
Hard to Handle
Easy to be hard
Proud Mary
Can you dance to it
Soul Shake
Wrap It up
Cold Sweat
Anyway that you want me
Green River
Mustang Sally
Can’t turn it loose
Hold On I’m Comin/Knock on Wood
God Bless the Child
My Baby Specializes
Limousine Driver
Freedom Blues
Just Like a woman
Gimme some lovin’
So we have been using old lists and other stuff to come up with the tunes we are rehearsing. But it's still a secret which songs we are gonna do at the gig. Stay tuned.

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