Friday, November 11, 2011

That's One Hell of an RV Park

That's Marie and I in the photo above, sitting pretty in some lovely Oregon RV park, a couple years ago. We love our Airstream, as I have waxed on about here many times, and even took the tripod along, apparently, to catch Ma and Pa Kettle at their most relaxed.

Last summer Marie's side of the family staged a large family reunion, in southern Oregon, where Marie grew up. We thought about taking down the trailer, but this time we thought we'd take two separate vehicles, since Marie's mom Ethel had been staying with us for a few days just before the reunion. My son Blaine and I took my rig, my Sprinter, which is fully equipped for a disabled guy like Blaine, with a powerful lift on the side and a van seat made just right for him to transfer into from his wheelchair.

Blaine and I stayed at the Seven Feather's Casino, in Canyonville, Oregon, while Marie and Ethel stayed at Marie childhood home in Cottage Grove. It was a whirlwind stay, with Blaine and I actually winning at the casino, then there was the reunion, and we all ended up in Cottage Grove at Mom's where we did some fixin' for granny. On the last day at the casino, I mentioned to Blaine that I had seen that a large RV park was under construction at the casino site, on the mountainside, and that I wanted to drive up there before we left Canyonville to check it out. We had some breakfast, loaded our gear and our fortune, and headed over to The Seven Feather's RV Resort. As we entered, we could see that about half the park was already finished, and loaded with RVs, a beautiful lodge looking swimming facility, lush landscaping, man, the works. Just a beautiful RV park, which gets me all fired up, because I love trailers and Airstreams and the whole schtick, and am also given to bingeing into superlatives, owing to the fact that I am my father.

Anyway, lest I go on and on about it here, I mean about how absolutely awesome The Seven Feather's RV Resort is, suffice it to say that it is just well, absolutely awesome.

Some weeks later, I heard a little melody come down, and before you know it, a new song was born, and that's just how that happens. After I laid down the rhythm tracks, using software and Garageband, my friend and magnificent guitarist Tim Ellis came over. We had a great day today, recording his parts on four songs. Hope you like this one.

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