Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Pee Bottle Song

I'm tryin' to have a good attitude about getting older. I'm 63 now, Social Security has kicked in, and I can get the Patty Melt at Dennys for half price. Mostly, I'm doin' pretty good. The brain is working quite well. It's the bod that has its problems. I'm not gonna go into those problems here. I have plenty of cronies to commiserate with. There is a sudden Fellowship of Infirmity Sharing that forms right about this age.

But I have always loved to cut up, and laugh, and still do. When I was about 40, and just beginning to feel the affects of aging, like say, occasional stiffness, I saw an older person on TV quip that, when he gets down on his knees for some reason, before he gets up, he asks himself if there is anything else he can do while he's down there! This totally cracked me up, since I could already identify, and I have been giggling about aging ever since.

So I hope you will enjoy my latest musical endeavor, which is a rockin' little number, and written for my baby booming friends with the ol' weakening bladder. Man I wish I didn't have to pee so often.

My Buddy Tim Ellis, who is a magnificently accomplished musician, plays guitars on this tune. He didn't balk when I asked him to play on this recording, so that makes him at least partly responsible for this song being in the world.

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