Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Daddy Is A Songwriter

Yesterday I opened a letter addressed to me that contained the largest royalty check I have ever received. Sizably larger than any I have ever received. I think I am experiencing a bit of shock. But in a good way.

When you are a songwriter, the songs, or the ideas for the songs, in my case anyway, "come through", that is, they are out there ready to be written down, and one just pops into your head, like, oh, that's a cute melody, hmmm, ok here are some words coming too, like that. So it's not something that one can brag too much about, cuz it just happens. But the part after the song is born.... recording it, making the lyrics better day by day, sending out cds and mp3s, managing a website, buying all the stuff you need to record, now that's some shit. So I am gonna deposit this check, after I take a picture of it, with so much pleasure, pleasure that only another songwriter could understand. It has been a long road on the ol' songwritin' front for Ricky. It's not like I can say my ship has come in or anything, but I feel validated for my work more than ever, or maybe, finally. Whoever you are out there, paying good money to play my songs on your radio stations and tv shows, you have made me very happy. Thank you from way way way down deep.

Here's a song I recorded awhile back, it kinda tells the story. I especially love Tim Ellis' guitar parts on this tune. After I post it, I'm gonna go get me a lox trim bagel to celebrate. But I gotta focus on that salmon, cuz I don' wanna look like a dope tearin' up in Noah's.

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