Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Indie Queen

We are a bit disappointed, Marie and I, after finally escaping Portland for a few days, that here at Washington’s Cape Disappointment State Park, the rains have come. But at 8 am, as we sit drinking our coffee and tea, our puppies cuddled at our side, on the Airstream divan, we are snug as a bug in a rug. This is campin’. After years of waking up in leaky tents, I must say, this gettin’ old thing, the way it calls one to seek certain comforts, like a hot water heater and a refrigerator and shower and bathroom and comfy bed, kinda rocks.

My son Blaine purchased a new iMac last week, and so, as Marie and I waited for him to complete his transaction, we walked the store with our credit cards burning proverbial holes in our pockets. Marie found a hard shell backback to carry her laptop in, as she rides her bike to work, down Portland’s Eastside Esplanade and into the Pearl District. Me, I stumbled upon a retro look iPod amp, the “Specktone”, which Marie and I immediately deemed perfect for the Airstream, and had to have. With our eyes still half-mast, I realized some minutes ago that I was waking up to the sounds of The Magnetic Fields lovely morning anthem, “Chicken With Its Head Cut Off”.

Sometimes late in the evening, or on weekends, Marie will retire to her office to do some work, pay some bills, read, whatever. I see her sitting at her computer as I lumber by, and occasionally, the iTunes window on her monitor. Turns out, one of Marie’s favourite activities is to cruise the iTunes store. She finds new and unusual indie artists, and songs, and then, like the perfect wife of an indie artist, clicks on “buy”. As a result, I get to hear, as I quaff my chai, new and interesting and wonderful indie artists. There is so much great indie music out there, man.
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Lindsay R Casey said...

that last photo is lovely

Fiona Kernaghan said...

Yeah! There are so, so many great indie artists, like yourself, out there... I've just joined the swollen ranks myself! I'm gonna be turning people on to the coolest ones I find, via my web site. Any in particular you'd like to clue me in on? Hope all is good with you. Bye for now from Down Under.

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