Friday, January 14, 2005

Superbowl Sunday Looms!

We are big Superbowl Sunday fans at our house, not so much for the game, (who played last year?) as the killer food we make, the clever ads shown during the game, a chance to win a few bucks on the game through state sanctioned gambling, aka "Oregon Sports Action", and the camraderie of dear friends. Our group remains small, but consistent. It is such a pleasure to see their smilin' Superbowl faces arrive each year. This year, Marie has scheduled, as a special attraction, a pre-game showing of a dvd titled, "The Ice Bowl", which is a true life documentary of the famous game between Green Bay and Dallas, played in sub-human weather conditions at Lambeau Field in Green Bay Wisconsin on December 31, 1967. She is doing it, because, as she says, "I don't like football that much, but I love weather."

My friend Andy, one of our usual guests, is, generally speaking, what one might refer to as a loose cannon. Besides being one of the happiest and uplifting people I have ever met, he has a mental block about Keiko the whale. That is, he has a relationship so solid with the much loved, departed sea mammal, that he writes songs and develops videos about Keiko, (which are truly hilarious) including the theory that Keiko faked his own death, and including recent "sightings". One of Andy's songs, "Summer of Alicia" appears on my CD, "Santa Monica".

A couple of years ago, while we watched the Superbowl, Andy was in a particularly frisky mood, loud, not obnoxious really, just being his typical, happy, big-kid self. At one especially exciting moment in the game, Andy let out an ear-splitting whoop, chin drippin' with buffalo wing sauce. Andy's wife Alicia, sitting next to me, and who is very funny in her own right, turns to us and says, "I'm not sure I like Superbowl Andy". About a year later, a song came through which I titled "Superbowl Andy". I have had the song uploaded to the "Music" section of my website, for your listening pleasure, in the spirit of the impending 2004-2005 Super Bowl. To hear it, click this link

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