Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fun With Puff Pastry

My pluperfect spousal unit Marie and her friend Joyce are closing in on the actual publishing of a wonderful new book. At some point in the past months, the much busier Marie and the less busy Ric made the decision to elect me as Chief Kitchen Guy, a title I come by honestly, having owned and operated a bakery for 20 years. I like being in charge of a kitchen. Bring it homie.

So today, I cranked out some puff pastry items, which we just nibbled for dinner, and they were really good. Here's how I done did it.

I found some frozen puff pastry made by the local "Grand Central Bakery", in the frozen section of our favourite grocery store, shown here, right before I opened it up on my floured pastry board.

I pinned it out a little, since it was a bit thick, then I cut it into 15 square pieces, and put my fillings on. The right 9 are basically cream cheese, chicken, and cheddar. The middle 3 have onions and Cougar Gold Cheddar. When Marie ate hers for dinner, her eyes disappeared above her lids for a minute or two.

Made a few sweet ones too, the left 6 are sweetened cream cheese, fresh raspberries, and lemon curd. Then I brushed water on the pastry, folded them up, and brushed them with beaten egg. Here they are right before they went in the oven for around 20 mins at 355 degrees.

Made a little salad, and I easily ate a couple of the pastries. Kinda fun. Made a hell of a mess though. But I know how to clean it up. Also, confessing that a li'l snackin' went down during the making of this here puff stuff.

Lawdy some sweetened cream cheese and a fresh raspberry jumped up on ya digit

Cougar Gold Cheddar from Washington State University, superb.

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