Friday, September 23, 2011

Mayhem at the Guggenheim

My friend Randy McCullough, a very good songwriter and bassist from Austin, recently moved to New York with his wife Barbara, who transfered there for her job. Randy has been enjoying himself, I can tell, by his frequent emails and stories of their life residing within walking distance of Central Park. He sends me songs, I send him songs. I miss Randy. I'm glad they're having a great time in New York.

Ran's latest email included the story of their recent trip to The Guggenheim Museum (of modern art) with a visiting relative. I just cracked up as I read the story, which started with a certain enthusiasm for the sightseeing day ahead, and ended with Ran slipping on something and planting his foot squarely on a work of art, much to the shock and awe of other museum patrons. As they climbed the staircase to see other art, they could look behind them, and as far as three floors up, still see the footprint he had left on the canvas sheet he had defaced.

The second I finished reading his email I began writing the words to a new song, "Mayhem at the Guggenheim", which was the subject of his email. I pulled out my laptop, cranked up my bluegrass band, and recorded the tune. Click on the title below to hear it. Headphones or earbuds please!

Mayhem at the Guggenheim, the song.

Ric's Website

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