Saturday, April 23, 2011

Challah'n Ham

I believe it was about 1978 when I realized there aren't enough Easter pop songs. I was operating my bakery, Richard's Bakery, in Tualatin, Oregon, at that time, and during the holidays, say, Christmas, St. Patty's Day, I liked the idea of playing appropriate atmosphere enhancing lively music at my counters, and it was easy to find. Except for Easter. I dunno, maybe it's too serious a holiday for there to be much pop music. All you've got is basically, "Here Comes Peter Cottontail, Hopin' Down the Bunny Trail", and that Easter Bonnet song, "In your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it, etc." And of course there are many hymns, all sad and serious. Well, it is pretty serious when somebody wakes up from bein' dead. Anyway, I decided to write an Easter Pop song, since it "popped" into my musical brain, all drummin' and thumpin' and rhymin' and firin' off couplets, here are the lyrics. A link to the song appears below too.

Challah'n Ham Copyright Ric Seaberg 2011
When the sun comes up on Easter morn, I roll outa bed 
I put some green tea on the stove, and make the deviled eggs
I bake a pie and clean the house, I do the best I can 
And when our friends show up for brunch We serve challah'n ham 
If that's just wrong! I don' understand! Can't there be a way?! 
Cuz nothing's better than challah'n ham On Easter day 

Dad was a Swede, Mom was a Jew, from that windy town,
They both told us everyday, don't put other people down 
I turned out white with Hebrew blood, that's jus' who I am 
So it's a natural for me, to serve challah'n ham 
The world is full of races blending, friends and lovers everyday 
Rich and poor and straight and gay, that's how the world rolls today! 
A regulation challah braid is hard to make, you bet! 
So I just use the diagram I found on bread dot net 
I turn the tv off to dine, I call around the clan 
Then we break bread with family.....challah'n ham 
Chorus If that's just wrong! I don' understand! Can't there be a way?! 
Cuz nothin' works like challah'n ham On Easter day

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m deathstar said...

Giving thanks that my easter hubby is as wackadoodle as ever :)