Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Ric Seaberg's Homemade Dog Food

We are completely in love with our Bichon Frises, Pippi and Poppi, as I may have mentioned here one or twice. Pip and Pop are a big part of our family. When we are all together in our sitting room, watchin' the same House Hunters for the third time, with our dogs curled at our feet, all is well.

But both our dogs have had some medical problems, Pippi, pacreatitus, and skin issues, she's an itchy dog, and Poppi, the larger yet younger pup, a herniated disc, which required major surgery. I think it was mostly because Pip has itchy skin that I decided to try to make our own dog food, without preservatives and other lengthy word additives. It has been a boon to our dog's health.

This recipe, (or formula as we say in the bakery business), is a knock off from others you might find online, but I have expanded it to make a larger batch, so you can freeze a bunch of it and therefore make it a task that you might actually stick with, as I have. It's pretty easy, well, maybe it takes a bit of strength to stir it up in the final stage, but it's worth it. Here it is:

Ric Seaberg's Dog Food Formula

3 lbs brown rice (try to buy 3 lb bags to make this part easy. Or 2 lb and 1 lb bags!
1lb 5oz oats (1/2 large unit quaker oats)
Equivalent of 3-#10 cans veggies, yams, carrots, corn, peas. Diced carrots and yam pieces available in #10 cans at United Grocers and other food markets which cater to professionals. Varying the veggies in this recipe each time you make it will help supply your dog with a larger variety of nutrients.
5 lbs chopped pulled chicken mostly dark meat (United Grocers carries 10lb boxes of frozen "mostly dark" pulled chicken.

In very large professional size kettle with lid, bring rice to boil and cook on low boil for 35 minutes in 16 pints (16lbs) water (or 8 quarts)
Add oatmeal and cook on low for 5 minutes. Set aside to cool. If you are using any frozen veggies, like peas or corn, add these now. I buy frozen corn, it cools the mixture down which is helpful. When ingedients in kettle have cooled for an hour, add canned veggies. Drain canned veggies before adding. Some yams come in very light syrup so i drain the yams well and rinse. When adding yams squish in your hands as you add to insure that they will mix well. Wash your hands and stir this mixture well right in the large kettle with your hand and arm. You may store this food in larger containers as I do, just because I don't enjoy making individual servings at this point, or you can drop individual servings with a large ice cream scoop on pans which have been prepared with parchment paper. Freeze pans. When frozen, transfer servings to plastic bags for easy storage.

Makes approximately 120 scoops dog food

At our house we feed approximately 4 scoops per dog per day, in morning and late afternoon. At 4 per day total for 2 dogs, this recipe will last 30 days or one month.

Ric Seaberg


cactus petunia said...

Sheesh! Been there, done that...One of ours seems to be allergic to EVERYTHING. Tried lamb and rice, lamb and sweet potato, chicken, fish and venison. I thought mutts were supposed to have stronger immune systems!

Anonymous said...

my dog was itchy for ten years.

I had a bichon sitzu cross who looked more like bichon. What a great dog, he lived for 15 years. At ten years of age my dad - a Doctor - said maybe he is allergic to dairy. I used to give him the cheese when I gave him his allergy meds. He said there is a lot of dairy in kibble and suggested making his food.
When I stopped ALL dairy his itching stopped and all allergy symptoms even the seasonal ones stopped completely.

I have 2 new pups and they are not getting any dairy.


Awesome! Enjoy those new pups!!