Monday, November 14, 2011

Freaky Irrational Whiner

Turns out, I kinda like the tv show Bridezillas. Where they find these folks, I dunno. But even if the producers make it very clear that they want controversy and tell the brides to be as bitchy as they possibly can, still, they blow my mind. The gal pictured above, maybe she got a layer of lemon cake on the wrong tier. Good reason to try to make everyone around you miserable on your wedding day I guess.

But the real reason I wrote a song titled Freaky Irrational Whiner is that my friend Jim was complaining one day about some mundane thing, not even like real complaining, and then called himself an irrational whiner. So just to tease him, i said, "dude you're a freaky irrational whiner." Those words rolled offa the tongue so nicely, and since I am a song writer, and a humorist of average intelligence, a song was born. Thanks Jim.

And lest some of you may think I am somehow given to misogyny, or that my lyrics have somehow been inspired by my own wife's behavior, well, I can't help what you think. I fabricated the story in the song just to use the title. Marie loves Bridezillas too, and rubs my shoulders when we watch it. Oh man, Marie, she is a rational and wonderful partner, and only complains when I turn the basement light off on her. And when contractors and gardeners wreck her plants.

Tim Ellis and I have now recorded over 150 of my songs together. I can't thank Timmy enough for his magnificent guitar parts, which basically turn my tune smithing into actual songs. His parts on Freaky Irrational Whiner, which you can listen to for free here, are kinda like crack. Tim is no guitar playin' amateur. He is kind of a whiner though.

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