Saturday, August 07, 2010

I Hate That Broken Heart S**t

Ever since my 31 year old step-son Blaine started working at FreeGeek here in Portland, first as a lowly volunteer and now as a lowly volunteer build instructor, (more like champion build instructor), Marie and I have acquired a plethora of young Geek Friends, many of whom we have adopted. I recall taking Blaine down to “The Geek” as we fondly call the place, on the first day, and meeting Matthew Harris, who spent the day with Blaine, helping him remove the bowels from a Compaq computer and explaining the different parts. I felt grateful and inspired by Matthew, who was then, and is now, one of our finest geek friends, not to mention brilliant, and very funny.

Matthew has moved on to Montana, but was here in Portland a couple weeks ago. He stopped by for a visit, and it was great to see him. As usual, we spent a goodly amount of time laughing at Matthew’s usually funny take on the world. At one point, Matthew was waxing on about the Many Loves of Matthew Harris, being the Geeky Ass Bandit Wannabe that he is, and touched on the subject of disappointment in relationships. At that moment, I chimed in, “I hate that broken heart shit”. Matt immediately looked my way with a gleam in his eye, and as he is wont to do when making light of my rocker ways, stated, “That’s a song title!”. Matt, this one's for you. You get 10% writer’s credit. Left to my own devices, I don’t think it would have occurred to me to actually write a song with shit in it. My buddy Tim Ellis came over to capably play all the guitar parts.

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