Monday, July 12, 2010

Freedom of Expression

I really like usin’ the F word. In conversation, or writing, there’s just no other adjective that says it like fuck. Throw down a fucking this or fucking that, you get the most mileage outa your sentence. Is it unbelievable or unfuckingbelievable? I do pretty well not using expletives among my grandchildren, lest my daughters give me the look, but among friends, I fucking use fuck a lot. No shit. That’s how I roll.

But as I mentioned above, there are sometimes that one just doesn’t need to cuss a blue streak, like among the grandkids. Or around your mom. And if I may digress, I don’ wanna see cigarette or hard liquor ads on TV, and I am glad we outlawed that. So let’s just say I love to be able to express myself freely, in this great country of ours, but there are limits. It’s a good thing to have some limits.

But as far as politics and discourse on the issues goes, it’s no holds barred with me. I wanna hear it all. In order to have a perfect union, we have to have firm resolve on freedom of religion, and free speech. Free speech is da bomb. I might hate what you have to say, but I am gonna defend your right to say it and make your point every time. That’s what makes our country great. So throw down some weird political or religious gobbi gobbi on me, I am gonna think you are an idiot. But I am going to be civil to you, and give you the floor while you blow. Then I am gonna say you’re an idiot, and tell you why.

Wrote a song about it. It’s titled Freedom of Expression. Listen here, and thank you. Hope you fuckin’ like it.

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