Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Finding Rev Phil

Lest I nauseate my flagging readership yet again, by spewing more platitudes about my wife Marie, the funny, talented, beautiful, pluperfect Marie, I must tell you a bit about one of her latest accomplishments, that is, her avocation as filmmaker. Documentarian, more precisely.

A couple of years ago, Marie announced, in no terms uncertain, that she would be buying a camcorder, a good one, and buying some books, and taking a class on filmmaking. You will have to ask her to tell you more about
her road to actually knowing how to create a film, start to finish, but I gotta tell ya, in such a short amount of time, she has produced several films that are, for lack of a better term, GREAT!

Marie has been using her newfound skills at work, producing several short films, with the help of several other local filmmakers, to highlight non-profit organizations which have received grants from the philanthropic organization she works for.

But my favourite film of hers to date is one of her first efforts, titled “Finding Rev Phil”, which is a 20 minute documentary about one of Portland’s most interesting characters, genial
iconoclast bike punk and all around good guy Reverend Phil, whom she met at FreeGeek, where our son Blaine holds court in the build department.

Suffice it to say, right before I direct you to the website where you can buy this little gem, that
one of Phil’s great and fully documented stunts was the complete and overwhelmingly funny streaking of our local baseball venue, PGE Park, in 2005, much to the chagrin of local officials, but now, much to the pleasure of those of us who know and love the nut. The streaking incident, and even the local TV coverage during the mayhem is included in the philm.

To see a clip and read about the movie, click here.

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