Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Airstream Chronicles.....Prairie City, Oregon

Some weeks ago, in order to perform a work related task, my wife Marie travelled to Eastern Oregon, one of the most beautiful places on this here spinnin’ ball, all by her lonesome, in her Silver Volvo Wagon V70. After she arrived, she met with officials in Prairie City, Oregon, to discuss the details of her visit. But her non-work related task, as we had discussed before her departure, was to scout out possible camp sites for us to visit on a mini-vacation we had proposed for just this week, my birthday week, and more importantly, the date of our 5th wedding anniversary, which falls on June 24th (And also happens to be our grandaughter Calla’s birthday AND Marie’s father’s birthday!)

Marie finished her official business in Prairie City, and the following morning, while still parked in that quaint little burg, called me on my cell as I went about my workday back home in Portland. “You should see this place”, my small town girl at heart reported excitedly. ”I am having my morning coffee at the foot of snow-capped Strawberry Mountain, right here in Prairie City proper, and it is unbelievably beautiful!” After we discussed how she might go about her mission of finding us a place to camp, we said our fond goodbyes and she headed out for another meeting. Before leaving Prairie City, she pulled into the much touted “Depot Museum RV Park”, which is right in town, and situated on a fork of the John Day River. Fishin’ Hole!

As you can see from the photo above, we found a killer spot in this little park when we arrived Wednesday evening, June 21st, 2006. There are about 25 full-hook up sites here, and very few guests. We have been enjoying a predictably relaxing stay, and after having tiptoed through a couple of fields with our eyes peeled for rattlesnakes, as Marie did as a child growing up in Southern Oregon, we have even heard from the locals that there are no rattlesnakes, for some reason, in this valley.

It’s quiet here. If you are willing to drive far enough, peace and quiet and the slow life await you in remote Oregon towns. Better not have a major medical emergency here, or need a cop, (there are no police), but I think the 200 or so residents of this special little corner of the world know exactly what they have here, and are perfectly willing to sacrifice the conveniences of a larger city for small town tranquility and small town values.

I leave you with one photo Marie snapped of me as I awaited The Strike of the Rainbow on Magone Lake, just outside of town, in the Malheur National Forest. Follow the special photo links below to see a lot more photos of our mini-vacation to Prairie City on my website.

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