Wednesday, April 26, 2006

If Oprah Was President

A couple of years ago, putzin’ around in the garden, droolin’ and a’dreamin’, I started thinking about Oprah. I like Oprah. I think I must’ve seen her show that day, or a portion of it, and it got me thinking about what a great person she is, smart, kind, generous, charismatic, all of it. I said to myself, “Aha!, Oprah has such a huge following, and she inspires millions, Oprah would make a great president!”

Some days later, I penned a tune titled, “If Oprah Was President”, which basically captures my feelings about the issue, and then Timmy Ellis came over and we made a record.

It was great fun to record the song, as always, but it’s one of those nichey songs, as I am sometimes wont to write, that might sit in a drawer for awhile, after the newness wears off. In 2005, when we compiled the song lists for my CDs “Dubs On Trial” and “Who Come Down”, and even though we truly like the song, “If Oprah Was President” didn’t seem to fit into the scheme of things.

But last week, cruising the web, I found a website titled “Oprah For President 2008”, and sent an email offering my song for them to use in their campaign. And today, I am proud to announce that they have elected to make “If Oprah Was President” the “Official Song of Oprah for President 2008”. These guys are organized.

Apparently, Oprah has stated that she is not interested in the job. However, I do think that she might be convinced to run if there was a huge groundswell, since she is so dedicated and cares deeply about the state of the country and world. So I am grateful that I am able to do my little part to possibly make it happen. Maybe one day soon, my song will make its way to Oprah's desk. Perhaps, on that day, she'll be heard to say, “Oh, Gail, I wasn’t gonna run for president, but then I heard this song, “If Oprah Was President”, by that Ric Seaberg guy, and, well, now, I’M GONNA DO IT!"

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