Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Fa

I am contemplating today’s job of painting our upstairs hallway, sitting here in the same clothes I first put on, oh, 4 days ago. I don’t think I reek, yet, (one never knows), but here’s the deal.

I tend to be a blue collar sorta guy, a guy who loves to work with his hands, and as such, I have spent most of my life doing just that. I put my first workshop together, complete with all the latest gadgets and power tools, when I was 24 years old, and it has only gotten worse. These days, I actually have two workshops, one at home, and one at the commercial building I own, and it is a seldom thing that I have to transport one or another power tool to either location, ‘cause I have whatever I need in both workshops. I am not embarrassed about this. To have it any other way, for a hands workin’ guy, and a motion economy nut, would just be wrong.

So I tend to wear out my jeans, rather quickly, and other clothes, crawling around on some bedroom floor, installing or painting moldings, or repairing a floor, placing an acer platenoides into the hole I just dug in the yard, or getting a big splotch of “Leaftree Green” semi-gloss right on my crotch. I just finished remodeling Marie’s office, which is adjacent to the hallway of which I speak, and I told her, as part of the expense, she would have to buy me a pair of pants.

It’s a lifestyle choice. Yes, I own a suit. Yes, I can meet my attorney for dinner in slacks and a sweater. But basically, GQ I am not. Today, I am gonna really trash out these jeans. But tomorrow, I am going to wake up, and decide to go fishin’, and I am not gonna put on a new pair of jeans to do that. My name is Ric Seaberg, and I tend to be anti-fashion. If you, sir, want to spend your money on fancy clothes, like it’s your hobby or something, cool. But me, I get up, throw on something simple, and get on with it.

I must say I get a kick out of the concept of the TV show, “Queer Eye For The Straight Guy”. I think I might be a candidate. Last year, as I was writing the songs for my 2005 CD “Who Come Down?”, I thought what it might be like if I suddenly turned fashion conscious. The result was my song. “The Fa”. But in truth, I mean the part about me gettin’ all fussy about my clothes, prob'ly not gonna happen.

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