Monday, January 30, 2006

Seahawks Rule!

Super Bowl 40 arrives next weekend, when millions of women and mostly men will sit before their newly purchased 60” plasma screens and go hoarse rooting for either the Pittsburgh Steelers, led by the coyote ugly, major sourpuss coach Bill Cowher, or The Fantastic Seattle Seahawks, led by the fatherly and fashionable coach Mike Holmgren. Guess who we like at our house?

We love the Super Bowl. Every year we host a party, which is attended by several of our closest friends, who could basically not care less about football, but love to come see what kinda crazy shit we dream up for The Big Day. In 2005 we were into Tacky Foods, as I related in my Super Bowl Blog Entry last year, including, among other things, Cool Whip Trifle, which I must admit is one killer dessert. Blaine and I always request that Marie come up with the party theme, ‘cause we want her to be invested too, for if it were just about football, well, I am afraid we might lose her to some fabric sale, where zillions of women go to spend Super Bowl Sunday, away from the maddening crowds of stinky, rowdy, drunk husbands and brothers and sons, with their Nacho Cheese and Chili breath, lounging in the confines of formerly pristine and foofy living rooms and dens of America, scratchin’, belchin’, and sayin’ fuck real loud.

This year, Marie has asked us to each come up with a food of some kind that starts with either a S or an B, get it?, the first letter of the words Super and Bowl. So I am going to order a Beef Tenderloin Roast, bake it, slice it, and pour a healthy amount of Burgundy Reduction over the whole thing, as in Beef Burgundy, which truly fills the need for a letter B food. I could use some ideas for some other S or B foods though. Any suggestions?

We are extra pumped this year too, since my grandson Joseph and his Dad are actually gonna be there, in Detroit, somewhere in the nosebleed section, hollering for all of us. My daughter Stacey holds a couple of Seahawks season tickets, and when they held the lottery to see which ticket holders would be offered Super Bowl tickets, she won! So Joe and his Dad will fly to Detroit and likely come home with a pile of souvenirs and great memories.

As you can see from the photo above, Blaine and I are ready to roll. We made those Packers Cheese Heads into Blue Cheese Heads several years ago, because, oh I dunno, I guess ‘cause we are big Hawks fans, whose main team color is blue, and we have been a’wishin’ and a’hopin’ for the Hawks to go to the Super Bowl for years. I myself was living in Seattle, all those years ago when the franchise was established, and the Kingdome, which has already been demolished, was built. I once owned a framed and very large pen and ink drawing of the Seattle skyline, titled “My Silver City”, by Seattle artist Christopher Bollen, which depicted the Kingdome half finished. So I go way back with the Hawks, and we are gonna be there, watchin’ the game, screamin’ our asses off for Matt and Shaun and Bobby and Coach Mike, and Jim Zorn, and running back Curt Warner, and all the other guys who played on lesser Seahawks teams over the years, all the while suckin’ down our Buds and Millers and Beef Burgundy. Feel free to stop by. I’ll be the one with beef blood stains on my white tank top, and if we win, tears in my eyes.

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