Friday, January 20, 2006


As I noted only two entries ago, standing in the grocery line, and reading the headlines of the gossip magazines, causes me great pleasure, whether it’s about poor Whitney Houston’s alleged drug use, or whether Oprah is currently fit or fat, or if that woman Jennifer from Friends is still mad at her ex Brad Pitt, all that stuff. Last week, as I stood giggling, I became fascinated with the way gossip reporters have taken to combining the names of celebrities who are coupled, like when they used “Bennifer” for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Afleck, and most recently, “Brangelina”, to conveniently, I guess, shorten the names Brad and Angelina. Thank God, as I sit at dinner with my family, railing on about their relationship, that I don’t have to be constantly referring to them by using their whole first names.

Perhaps it’s a trend whose time has come. It’s perfectly alright with me, dear reader, if you choose, as you discuss my blog with your family over fish sticks and corn, to refer to my wife and me as “Rarie”, that is, the combination of the names Ric and Marie, pronounced Ruh-Ree.

So I had to write a song about it. My buddy Tim Ellis came over yesterday and laid down the guitar tracks, and I mixed it this morning. I have decided to make this one a freeby, since it is quite possibly the nichiest song I have ever produced, and therefore likely to be interesting to perhaps 5 people. However, I must say, I think it came out well, Tim’s parts are stellar as usual, and I really like the melody. So here it is, for your approval, for free download, or stream. The lyrics appear below. Please feel free to send the link on to anyone you wish.

Listen to "Brangelina", the song. here

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