Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Time For Love

Allow me to wish you all the most merry of Christmases, the coolest Kwanza, a grand pagan gathering, and a magnificent Hannuka, this year, as you celebrate your Spiritual Life.

It has been a fantastic year at our house. My step-son Blaine has continued his volunteering at FreeGeek, here in Portland, and has become such a go-to guy there that I don’t think they could live without him. We are so totally proud of him for all he has learned and how he is committed to his work. And I have to add that, given his disabilities, the fact that he makes such a great effort to go down there everyday and make a difference, is awe-inspiring. Way to go Blainester!

Marie and I became proud and ecstatic grandparents again, when youngest daughter Amy gave birth to Ellery. Ellery came through energetic but calm, and when they visit, I love to hold her, when I can get her away from my wife.

2005 will go down for us as the year of my wife Marie’s first film, which is titled “Finding RevPhil”, and it's a huge hit. Everytime I was at a showing, and people were laughing their butts off, I felt so proud of her. It’s a great short. You gotta see it.

And I cranked out not one, but two CDs this year, thank you very much, an enormous amount of work, but I loved every minute of it. And I continued to blog, and to get a lot of my stories down on paper, which I have been wanting to do forever. Thank you so much to all of you who come here to read the tales of my life, and dumb shit I have done.

And just because I am so grateful to you, dear readers, for your eyes and hearts, I would like to offer a FREE download of a “Winter” song I wrote in 1983, and have rerecorded just recently, titled “Time for Love”. Thanks again and I hope you have a great (and loving) weekend! Ric

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