Thursday, November 10, 2005

Exausted By Trash TV

Is it just me, or did many of you who watched “Trading Spouses” last night, which was the most blatant display of rabid fundamentalism I have ever witnessed, come close to pulling the hair directly out of your head as you watched? Ya gotta love Trash TV, the way those dang producers put people who could be categorized as “the most likely to not get along”, in the closest proximity to each other as possible. It’s a dirty trick, and I must say, it tends to bring the worst out in folks. Just the way us millions of viewers like it.

Some time ago, I squirmed as I watched , on the same show, “Trading Spouses”, a vegetarian family and a family who cooks up alligator at their restaurant in the bayou butt heads. That was bad enough. But last night, watching that over the top nutty Christian Lady try to impose her beliefs on a New Age and Tarro Card Clan, just about eliminated any remaining faith I have in mankind.

Does anyone else think it is a bit odd that, given the basic fundamentals of all religions, like, “Love Thy Neighbor”, and “Thou Shalt Not Be An Intolerant Jerk”, that a person would wretch and weep, like that lady did last night, just because she finds herself within earshot of someone whose spiritual life does not match hers? What gives with that? Don’t the religions teach us that even if others do not believe the same thing we do, that we must always uphold another person’s right to believe whatever the fuck they want to believe, spirtually, and they honour us similarly, and that’s what makes a peaceful world?

At the end of the show last night, after the so called Christian lady had a breakdown, screaming at her own family, saying those old movie phrases like “I rebuke it in the name of the Lord!”, and “I’m a warrior for God”, I made eye contact with my perfect wife Marie, who looked so sad and tired as she proffered, “I feel completely exausted”. No dah. Me too. I don’t know why we put ourselves through watching that trash. But when they went to commercial break right before the show was over, I saw the trailer for the next one, and it’s gonna be good.

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