Thursday, November 03, 2005


The Official Release Of Ric Seaberg’s TWO 2005 CDs Is Today!

Today we are announcing the official release of my two new CDs, “Who Come Down?”, and “Dubs On Trial”, which have been in production for over a year, since a few of the songs were recorded before 2005. It brings me so much pleasure to record the songs I write, so to be able to finally share it with my friends and others is truly the icing on the cake.

Those of us who have been blessed (or cursed) with a knack for sitting straight up in the middle of the night (sometimes to our partner’s chagrin) with melodies and rhymes, dearly appreciate the support of our friends and families. Because although the songwriting part comes naturally, the road to actually getting one’s music published is hard work, and expensive. When I am in the “mixing” stage for example, attempting to balance all the tracks, trying to get the guitars to swell in just the right place, that sorta thing, I sometimes run through dozens of CD blanks, on just one song! In the recording world, it’s called, “making coasters”, since finalized and moot CD blanks have no use really, (except maybe as coasters!) Or perhaps, when you visit us at Christmas sometime, I will have talked Marie into allowing me to adorn our tree with a thousand shiny and wasted CD blanks!

Did I hear you ask....Why 2 CDs at once? Okay, here’s the story: “Who Come Down?” is the primary CD for 2005. It’s title is taken from a song of the same name. It refers to that “less than still small voice” which drives some artists to greatness, or to ruin, or both. When Marie and I sat down to select the songs for this CD, we had 60 fully recorded songs “in the can” to choose from. First, we did that. When we finished, we were struck by the fact that many of the songs that we truly like were left lying on the cutting room floor, for one reason or another, like say, we already had enough fast ones. In the days to come, it was only natural that I began to explore the idea of publishing a second CD.

These days, with music being sold online, as mp3s, digitally, on iTunes, and elsewhere, it behooves the recording artist to have as many mastered songs out there as possible. One click means a 99 cent sale, which brings the artist anywhere from 60 to 80 cents. So we decided that now was the time to gather up those songs from the cutting room floor, and from the 43 songs left there, we scooped up 16 more for “Dubs On Trial”.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your interest and for purchasing these CDs. It will take a few months for the songs to be transferred to iTunes, for those who prefer to download their music, but for now, there are several ways to buy the CDs HERE. Clips of the songs can be heard at CDBaby. Thanks again for your support.

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