Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Coffee Blunder

Just wanted to report that I splattered a guy big time with coffee yesterday at Fremont Coffee, which is the coffee shop in my commercial building, while surfin' the web. It was one of those one trick pony herky jerky like your legs do in bed sometimes moves. I was just sitting there, and I go for my coffee, and I guess I was ducking from an alien attack or something, cuz I just freaked and propelled my cup offa my little table, with my hand, at an incredible rate of speed, straight at this guy. Luckily he was sitting with his back to me, so what hit him was just the coffee stream that came out of the little hole in the cup lid, but it got all over his coat and some in his hair, it was ridiculous. He was nice about it, in a snickery sort of way, but I felt like a complete idiot.

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