Monday, September 12, 2005

My CDs Project

I must apologize for my slowing posts, but with the tragedy in the south, honestly, I just haven’t felt like writing about my little life. That, and the fact that I am working my ass off, everyday, trying to get my CDs project completed. Two, yep, two CDs, to be released in the near future, as in maybe November 1, but I get a couple of weeks grace if that’s what it takes, okay? One is titled “Who Come Down?”, from a song of the same name, and the other is titled “Dubs On Trial”. Both will be slick, complete CD packages, and I am looking forward to coming home from errands one of these days, to find a bunch of boxes on my front porch, filled with the results of an enormous amount of time and energy. Of course, when that day comes, I am going to attempt to sell a few, and I would love to email you, if you are interested, to let you know when they are for sale, on CDBaby, or, or even directly from me, here at Ric Seaberg CD Central. If you have a sec, please add your name to my email list, on the home page of this site. Thanks!

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