Friday, August 19, 2005

FREQ Mastering

My friend Ryan Foster is the mastering engineer at Portland’s own “FREQ mastering”, (say FREAK), and this dude is good. As I sat behind him, in his mastering studio, several days in the past couple of months, I would watch, as my songs played, and he moved his head, side to side, so that his ears could pick up every little nuance, strings, guitars, vocals. As he turned the dials and pushed buttons and scooted his chair, I felt a bit like I was in Oz. It is definitely true that some are just born with much better hearing. Ryan Foster is one of those people.

In late September, or Rocktober, 2005, I will be announcing the release of two new CDs. One is titled “Who Come Down?”, and the other, “Dubs On Trial’. There are 33 new songs total, ranging from love songs to my old stand-by, the quirky novelty song. I can’t help it, folks. Weird shit just pops into my head. Let’s just say, well, there’s a rockin’ little ditty on “Dubs” titled “Sour Cream”. As usual, my main man Tim Ellis performs guitars, and his parts are just brilliant.

Some of you reading this may have not yet signed my guest book, or left your email address on the homepage of this site. I would love to send you an announcement when the CDs are finished, that is, when they arrive from New York, where they are being replicated. If you havent done this yet, I hope you will have a moment to do so. Thanks.

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