Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Airstream Chronicles............Cape Disappointment State Park, Washington

In early Spring 2005, Marie and I (and our two perfect Bichons, Pippi and Poppi) had made a plan to vacation for a few days, somewhere, anywhere, for some alone time. Of course, when you have two needy little dogs travelling with you, there is only so much true alone time to get. But we love them so much we would still rather have them with us. We found a window of opportunity this past week, with Marie’s mom ready and willing to stay at our home with our son Blaine. We made reservations at Cape Disappointment State Park, on the Washington Coast.

Marie has been attending a documentary filmmaking class, and actually making a ten minute short for a class project. Since it is due to be completed for showing on June 10th, we took all of her filmmaking gear with us, her camera, two laptops, (one for me and one for her), an additional hard drive, and various and sundry other devices and connections.

Our time here has been lovely, quiet, peacefully uneventful. Since we arrived in the middle of the week, the park has been rather unpopulated, the sound of those three wheel vehicles kid’s ride kept to a minimum. Just the way two old people like it.

We rose each morning, to the smell of dark and rich Columbian coffee, strained through our plastic campin’ french press, oh yeah. Then, for the morning hours, and into the afternoon, Marie worked on her movie, and I did a variety of things, writing, fishing, dog walking. I drove into the City of Iwaco, a quaint little coastal town, and fished Black Lake, iin the middle of downtown. No luck, but a beautiful spot. I sucked up a couple liquorice ice cream cones, and went exploring in the hills next to the city.

i shant bore you with a menu of each meal we enjoyed here, but suffice it to say, I did get my Pinot and chateaubriand.

We walked the dogs on the beach, and let them run without leashes for the first time ever. They were in dog heaven, there among the smells of the ocean and sand hills. I was afraid they might just run off into the sunset, never to be seen again, but after a good hour of non stop fun, they were ready to come back to mom and dad, and go back to the trailer for some rest. I don’t they they moved once all night long.

Cape Disappointment is a huge and unforgettable state park. They are gearing up here for a very busy summer, since it is the 200th anniversary of Lewis and Clark’s journey from St. Louis to Oregon, a journey taken on the orders of Thomas Jefferson. There is a recently completed interpretive center, ready to greet people from all over the world. But we’re gonna get outa here today, and it has been a blast.
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