Thursday, June 23, 2005

Arch Enemy

I am not, generally speaking, what one might refer to as “fashion conscious”. Basically, I get up, toss on jeans and a white tank top, year round. If it’s cold, I wear a soft flannel shirt over my tank top. If it’s hot, maybe I will wear a short sleeved shirt in the morning, but by the time I’ve run the stairs a few times, it’s tank top weather. For shoes, I go with a slip-on cloggy shoe, maybe tennis shoes. I do have slacks, and a suit. Call me up for a wedding. I’ll show you the suit. When it comes to fashion, I’m that guy, on his haunches, hosin’ down his driveway on a sunny Northwest day, Starbucks cup nearby. Nothin’ too dressy.

There was a time, though, perhaps when I was a bit younger, when I might go for a look, oh, black leather boots, leather vest, or poet shirt. But those boots........oh man, they hurt like hell. And they were expensive boots, and I broke’m in right, all that. In my fashion conscious days, I went for the look, not for comfort. Well, them days is over.

Several of my songs address the issue of comfort over fashion, like “Marginal Style” from my second CD, “Regards From The Roombar”. Later this summer, there will be two new CDs, and one of them features a fashion related song titled The Fa".

But there is one song, “Arch Enemy”, that didn’t make the cut for either of the forthcoming CDs. In a nutshell, it explores my very deep feelings about shoes that kill. I offer it here for stream or download. It’s a bit on the risque side, so don’t crank it if your younger kids are there.
Arch Enemy Free Download
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