Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The School Of Angel Studies

Damn, my knee’s jerkin’ again, just like it does everytime I encounter some over the top metaphysical, paranormal, or spiritual bullshit. Like when that woman we saw on one of those “Mom swapping” TV shows caught a glimpse of a flash of light in a window in her host family’s home, and then called in so called “professional metaphysical experts”, some out of work failed alcoholic chiropractor and his drinkin’ buddies, packin’ their homemade “magnetic field” and “aura detection” devices, to do a little ghostbustin’, man. My heart ached when the young kids in that family, naive and well meaning, had that garbage forced on them, with their little faces all full of fear and worry. I guess folks want answers so badly, or as one of my pastor friends once said, “of course, everyone is searching for universal truth”. I dunno. It might be nice to really know the origin of the cosmos, how far space goes, etc., but not at the cost of makin’ shit up.

I had a partner once who would tease me mercilessly for being “conservative and old fashioned”, because I wasn’t interested in sharing her belief in astrology. I tried to, since being true to myself basically meant that love would be withheld. But damn, when that much needed job doesn’t come through, or some other failure or disapointment is explained away by saying that, oh yes, of course, “Mercury is in retrograde, it’s a really bad time right now”, aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!

And yes, I have a couple of friends who read Tarro cards, keep a deck in their patchouli soaked back pack, just in case you might need to know if you require surgery or not. Or if your partner is going to leave you. Or if you should attend college next semester.

Now I am not saying that there might not be something, even some small thing, to learn from such fluff. Tarro cards, for example, will get a person thinking. But Tarro cards, and the people who read them, have no good and true answers for anyone. As Penn Jillette might bellow, "it’s BULLSHIT"!

Walking the dogs, a while ago, I noticed a shingle just a block from home, on famous Hawthorne Street, for an office in a huge old mansion that caters to some offbeat therapies. The sign read, “The School of Angel Studies”. Now there’s a curriculum I could sit through for, oh, maybe minus time.

Ok so shoot me. I am an opinionated bastard when it comes to this subject. But don’t get me wrong. I do believe in the power of positive thinking. Even group prayer. And I believe that when the subconscious of a nation, (or world) believes that peace is possible, and desirable, and keeps the faith, then peace is more likely to occur. But don’ be throwin’ no runes, or readin’ Nostradamus, to find out when it’s gonna happen.

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