Thursday, March 24, 2005

Dishwasher Salmon

Poor Marie. My dear wife has to sit by and watch my step-son Blaine and I create all kinds of mischief. But I am certain, that in her heart of hearts, she would have to admit that she was extremely excited, the day we finally got around to making our Dishwasher Salmon recipe, since she was so impressed with the Twinkies Flambe.

My brother-in-law David turned me on to Dishwasher Salmon, a few years ago, but I never did make it, until this week. Perhaps the fact that he actually gave me a book of fish recipes which contains the Dishwasher Salmon recipe, last time I saw him, gave me the gumption to finally make it happen. If I don't say so myself, it was some succulent piece-o-Chinook.

It’s really easy, guys, and I know your wives will appreciate it so much when you open that dishwasher to reveal dinner. Here’s what you do:

Get a nice salmon fillet, and put it on a large piece of aluminum foil. Butter the foil beneath the fish. Salt and pepper the fish lightly, granulated garlic too if you have it. Then add some other nice ingredients, like, oh, some lemon wedges, garlic cloves, orange slices, onion slices, make it pretty. Then wrap the whole thing up really tight, so no air can escape, no holes! Make sure you start with a really big piece of foil, to be sure you can get it really tight. One thickness of foil, all around, is all you want. Don’t double it.

Okay so unload the dishwasher, you are gonna basically bake the fish in there, all by itself. Put the foiled package on the top drawer of the dishwasher. Now, every dishwasher varies, so, let’s talk about that. You want to run the fish through one complete cycle. But not the super hot one, and not the quickie one. You want the one that is right in the middle. At our house, it would be the “normal” setting, very simple. Also, put it on “hot drying”, or “extra hot drying”, whatever your dishwasher offers for extra heat, to help bake the fish.

The most important part, of course, is to time this, so when your wife or girlfriend comes around, you can give her a wonderful surprise! Imagine her delight as you walk her to the kitchen, her cherished hand in yours, and tell her.......”I have a very special surprise for you honeybunny”. And then, like the gourmet chef that you are, you open the dishwasher to reveal first, the foil, but then, with your glasses totally steamed, you bend over and split open the foil, to reveal a perfectly cooked and garnished salmon filet. “I’m going to get out that expensive bottle of Pinot Gris we bought at the vineyard last year, sweetheart”, she says with a wink, and gives you a peck on the cheek before she scampers off to the wine cellar, only pausing to poke her head ‘round the kitchen door and speak, all sexy, as she points directly at you, “I love that man”.

Having friends over for this event only amplifies the glory. Have fun and let me know how it went!
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