Monday, February 28, 2005

Phantom Square Feet

I occasionally have a recurring dream, which I had last night, where the real estate I own becomes much larger. For example, my residence suddenly has an immense unfinished workshop, with extremely high ceilings. I spend the most of the dream going over my plans to to remodel and finish the space, excitedly, with my Dad, Ernest Borgnine. The plans are precise and complex. It’s the kind of a remodel that, if you were to attempt to explain it to your wife..... for example, the way you will use support beams to hold up the storage balcony, etc., you would receive one blank stare.

I have no idea where this comes from, or why such a dream would recur. Perhaps it is just a dreaming extension of my creative side, an outlet for the creative that did not get a chance to come out during the day.

But I have to admit, it is terribly disappointing when I finally give in to consciousness, to realize that the amazingly huge workshop is not real, nor are the french doors I installed at the rear of it, with Dad, opening to a path, which passes the English garden on the way to the double car garage. Nor, in the case of my commercial building, is there an immense wooden spiral staircase which leads from the small warehouse I keep to three glorious and huge French Provincial architecture apartments, above the warehouse. And unfortunately, that Armory sized building, attached to my commercial building, also waiting to be remodeled into some sort of fabulous mall, is but a figment of my dreaming imagination too.

No wonder I have Restless Legs. Some nights, I work my ass off.

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