Thursday, February 24, 2005

Cutter and Cutter

My wife Marie is a gal with many talents. She can sew, write, dance, garden, keep birds, cook, put up a web site, give a great haircut, on and on. Marie graduated from the University of Chicago, and over the years, in her different jobs, and other interests, has become a person who can hold her own on just about any subject. And me, well, I have learned a thing or two over the years myself, though I certainly cannot claim the level of achievement that Marie has attained. Let’s just say, between the two of us, given our age and experience, we know a lotta shit.

So maybe it isn’t so terribly surprising that, many times, we find ourselves doing something, some creative work perhaps, like turning a dumpy Airstream Trailer into a showpiece, when we get that gleam in our eye like, “we could do this.” “We could go into business making these shower curtains for Airstream Trailers”, or “We need to start up a garden design firm”. Of course, with all of our interests, and jobs, and dogs, etc. etc, it’s all in fun. We look at each other like, “Are you out of your mind”, and get a big giggle out of it. Just the idea of going into business, which I know all too well is to give one’s life over to one’s job, is a nightmare just waiting to flower, and something we would never actually consider, given our age and circumstance. But we still act like we are game, in that moment of wackiness.....and I will admit, since I especially know, after 20 years of being in business, how ridiculous it is for us to consider, I love to bring it up, often as I can.

I have a warehouse in my commercial building, which I am considering leasing, although to lease it out would mean that we would have to liquidate many of the items we store there. These days, however, we agree that we could let go of most of the things we store there. Like the roto-tiller, which was great to have when I had a need for it, but those days are gone. Even if we lease this space out, for a retail store, it will leave me with a storage and office area of about 500 sq. feet, which is necessary for me to manage the building, keep tools, etc.

But yesterday, when Marie was cutting my hair, so capably, I said to her, “Honey, I’ve got an idea”. I could hear in her silence that she was very afraid. I said, “Okay so the office space, up at the warehouse, here’s what we do. We set up a shop where you give haircuts, and I help people cut a song, call it something like “Two Cuts”. Here’s the business plan: It’s a one-stop “makeover” type business, where a person comes in, you cut their hair, maybe sell them some product for their skin or something. Then they come into the other side of the shop, and I have all my recording equipment set up there, and I help them make a little CD with some song on it, and basically, they walk outa there, with their makeover, and their CD, feelin’ like a rock star! Whad’ya think babe? They get a hairCUT, And then they CUT a song, we make a million dollars!

You coulda heard a scissors drop. Marie’s reaction, when i say such things, is a sort of a chuckle, but sprinkled with a modicum of fear and loathing. However, she will sometimes feign enthusiasm, just to make my day, maybe make her own silly comment, which fills me with glee. This time, she says...”Let’s call it “Cutter & Cutter”. Now that is one very accomplished....... and....... funny chick.

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